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For best results, use META tags.
Any accounts found not related to games will be deleted.

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Many spider-based search engines use META tags for information on a listed site. You can specify the description and the keywords for your site with these.. These tags should be contained between the <head> and </head> tags. If you use frames, the meta tags MUST be located in the MAIN html file (with the <frameset> tags in it).
Here are the details:


    You can specify a description for your site when it pops up for a search. The description should not exceed 200 characters. Simply insert the following in your html:

      <META name="description" content="Description of your site here">


    You can specify the keywords that your site should match, however, this is not the only thing that is considered by the search engine. There is a complicated formula at work which takes a number of things into account, but the keywords will most certainly help! The keywords should not exceed 1000 characters, and repeating of keywords does NOT help! You'd be better off just listing more keywords. Just insert the following in your html:

      <META name="keywords" content="Keywords for your site here, separated by commas.">

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