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v1.01 Patch

Registered version patches
v1.0 to v1.01
v1.0 censored to v1.01 uncensored

Internet Demo patches
v1.0 to v1.01
v.99c to v1.0
v.99b to v.99c
v.99a to v.99b

Shareware CD patches
v1.0 to v1.01
v.99c to v1.0
v.99b to v1.0
v.99b to v.99c

    You must have version 1.00 before running this patch.

    Saved game files are not compatible with this version. You must delete or rename them before running this version.

    If you have modified the Blood files, you must re-install the original files. The Cryptic Passage demo modifies one of your files (, so you will need to re-install if you have installed this demo.

    SOME of the bugs fixed in 1.01:
    • Co-op players were getting out of sync when attacked by spiders and during earthquakes.
    • A problem with loading and saving games has been fixed. Some operations that had been started would not finish after the game was reloaded. For example, ending the level.
    • There was a bug in the menu code for initializing the saved game menu. This could cause crashes just by having saved files.
    • If you used the alt-fire with the Voodoo Doll, you couldn't reselect the weapon again until you picked it up again.
    • A couple of level fixes including secrets that counted each time you 'found' them and fixes related to items respawning (either not or always).
    • Help screens corrected for correct key configurations.
    • Cerberus was too easy too kill with the Tesla cannon.
    • 'Show Weapons' option was not getting saved when you exitted the game.
    • Sometimes a monster would show the 'electroction' effect when it hadn't been damaged by the Tesla cannon.
    • Saved games are now much smaller.
    • There were two Red team flags on E2M1 and only one Blue team flag.
    • We now warn you when you don't have enough memory to play Blood. We let you continue, but please be aware that the game may crash.
    • Some video cards (see readme.txt from Blood) have bad VESA drivers and crash when Blood uses higher-resolution video modes. See the Blood README for specific cards that have these problems. For this reason, the in-game video mode switching function of the F8 key has been removed until the VESA issues can be resolved.

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