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Windows 95
v1.04 Patch

539 Kb

6 minutes at 14.4,
3 minutes at 28.8

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    Note: Diablo is automatically updated through

    Fixes from v1.03 to v1.04
    1. Prevents invalid players from interacting with other players
    2. Prevents invalid packets from crashing players from games
    3. Fixes the Hidden Shrine freeze which was caused by touching the shrine when not holding an item with durability
    4. Fixes the Black Death crash which occurred when fighting the monsters with an active Mana Shield and Full Health
    5. Corrects the functionality of the Rogue's Disarm Trap skill
    Fixes from v1.02 to v1.03
    1. Prevents other players from casting illegal spells in town
    2. Fixes duplicate item generation at the Blacksmith and Witch within the same game
    3. Improves game speed over previous version
    4. Improves the game's handling of latency and packet loss over the Internet
    Fixes from v1.00 to v1.02
    1. Corrects the NULL cell buffer errors and other draw problems. If you have a saved game that crashes with this error, the saved game will now be accessible.
    2. Fixes intermittent crash in the Join Game screen.
    3. Fixes data corruption problem which could cause a player to get locked out of when creating a new channel.
    4. Improves error handling for dropped network packets.
    5. Provides more descriptive messages when unable to join a game. If you try to join a game you will know if it is full, your password is incorrect or you are unable to contact the game owner.
    6. Fixes the problem with some equipped items not being seen by other players in multiplayer games.
    7. Numerous fixes to item integrity.
      NOTE: When the game detects a DUPLICATED item, one of the items will be removed from the game. A duplicated item will be destroyed when it is dropped. You will receive an on-screen message stating that the duplicated item was removed.
    8. Prevents Lazarus's red portal from disappearing after leaving his lair.
    9. Fixes the Level Advance Indicator remaining on screen after character attributes are maxed.
    10. Fixes inaccurate display of game creation time.
    11. Games shown in the list of public games on will not disappear. The list will be refreshed only if the user closes and reopens the Join Game dialog.
    12. Fixes problem with soundcards that do not support the Set Format command (i.e. ESS1888).
    13. Fixes problems writing to the system registry.
    14. Improves error correction related to line noise in modem games
    15. Additionally, the fixes outlined above (Fixes from v1.02 to v1.03) apply as well
    New Features
    1. /whois : Locate player on
      A "/whois" command has been added to the chat area. This command allows players to find other players no matter where they are on This will allow you to find a friend (or enemy) whether they are in a chat room or in a game. You will receive the name of the game or chat room that he/she is in. If that player is not logged on, you will receive a message to that effect.
    2. Improves error correction related to line noise in modem games.

    The above information was taken from the Blizzard Diablo Patch page.

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