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Interstate '76
v1.06 Patch

2 Mb

20 minutes at 14.4,
10 minutes at 28.8

FTP West
FTP East

Adrenaline Vault

    Fixed in v1.06:
    • Multi-Melee: Host has the ability to eject players from the game. CTRL-S to display player names. CTRL-"#" , Where "#" is the player number to eject from the list.
    • General: Minor internal optimization changes.
    Fixed in v1.05:
    • The following bugs have been fixed in v.1.05:
    • Multi-Melee: Host information and Game Name blinking on and off in setup screen.
    • Multi-Melee: Host getting double kills and score.
    • Multi-Melee: Turreted weapons not losing their target locks when hitting 'y' or when being jammed (ammo appeared to fire forward in the host's view, but was actually hitting other players in their view).
    • Multi-Melee: Cannot use shift-characters on the number line of the keyboard in the modem configuration menu.
    • Multi-Melee: Sometimes players experience partial death, where the player appears to have died but the camera just keeps spinning around the car hulk.
    • Multi-Melee: In IPX, the host was able to quit out and rejoin the same game and be in synch. However, in the Game Info box, only the host info appears and it blinks on and off.
    • TRIP: Game crashing after Mission 12 when switching between 'no salvage' saved game to 'salvage' saved game.
    • General: The Dr. Radar turreted missiles show up as cherub missiles in 320 x 200 mode.
    • General: The Aim Nein turreted missiles show up as FireRite missiles in 320 x 200 mode.
    • General: In 320 x 200 mode, FireRite turreted missiles corrupt the g-pit in that the weapon labels change to other weapons and appear to be linked although they still fire singly.
    • General: When the limited variant of the Moth Truck explodes, there is a missing texture map (mx11pp_3).

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