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Shattered Steel
v1.12 Patch



    General Fixes to Shattered Steel in version 1.12
    • Fixed External View problem in DOS
    • Using Simuleyes Glasses with no background works properly
    • Real time chat in multiplayer game (REALCHAT console command)
    • SSTEEL.INI works again
    Changes to Shattered Steel in version 1.11
      • Help screen added to view current control configuration while playing. Type HELP at console/chat or push F11 to see it.
      • You can change controls while playing. Enter 'COMMAND x' at the console/chat where x is the command you want to remap (0-42 probably). Use the HELP screen to see which command is what number is the command you want to remap. For example, to change primary fire to the '5' key type 'COMMAND 0' at the console/chat and then hit the '5' key. This also works for mouse, joystick, etc.
      • There are other new controls (see the bottom of this file): pickup primary, pickup secondary, toggle secondaries (so you can link certain combinations). The 'CYCLE SECONDARY' command (the SPACE key) now inverts all your selected secondaries.
      • Support for combinations of controllers have been added:
      • Flight Stick Pro, Rudder Pedals and Throttle
      • Thrustmaster, Rudder Pedals and Throttle Should work for any Rudder/Throttle combination
        - if more than 2 teams, last team wouldn't show up in game. Fixed.
        - voting screen: selecting team 16 disabled, the functional maximum is 15 (ie. you can be team 0..15)
        - some problems with kill screen fixed (eg. exiting would sometimes skip it)
        - some bugs related to problems with joining anarchy games fixed.
        - sometimes when another player would respawn the 'appearance door' would pop up in the wrong location on other machines (making you think your opponent was near you, when they weren't). Fixed.
        - no radar vote in anarchy games fixed (worked like partial radar)
        - total kills used to be total kills vs current *playing* players, so if 'Bob' left the game and you had killed him 5 times you would lose 5 total kills. This has been changed.
        - regeneration: to control small 18 pack population (which was effectively unlimited) in long, high # players anarchy games, small 18 packs disappear if you drop them with <= 75% the number of players (eg. 12 rockets in a 16 player game)
        - When you die it waits till you hit your fire button before respawning.
        - no regeneration: dead computer players dimmed out in kill screen
        - no regeneration: game informs you when all enemies are dead
        - Computer bots pop up immediatly in single player anarchy voting screen. Before there was a 1-2s delay before they appeared
        - arming screen: the load/save buttons are enabled so you can load/save bot configurations. Make sure you have the right chassis selected and the right weapons.
        - added longest kills streak/killed streak to the score screens to make anarchy games more interesting
      TEAM COOP:
        - team scores fixed
        - World 5: mission complete when all opposing team members are killed
        - transport pods were in slightly different positions on each machine, making them difficult to kill with non-explosives. Fixed.
        - when you join a coop game you receive both the 'arrow' information (for which mission led to which mission) and what bots are available in the intelligence screen
        - when you save a game it tells the others (via chat). Works like loading game
        - made a bit more KALI friendly
        - New command line parameters related to multiplayer games
        - voting screen: right-clicking on a player will increment the team # (for convenience in those 16-player single anarchy games). It warps around to 0 if you click enough times
        - doubled the timeout period for slow networks or machines. NOTE: this means if a machine in the game crashes, it will take twice as long to realize this and to kick it out. You can control this setting via either the command line or the SSTEEL.INI using: -timeout 15 (where 15 is the timeout period. Note the minimum value is 10). For Kali games you can increase this amount as needed; remember when you do increase the timeout period players that have left by turning off their machine or dropping their connection remain until the timeout period has elapsed.
        - Computer players no longer attack weapons they are trying to pick up
        - tank more intelligent
        - human turrets lack of accuracy fixed

        - using keyboard control as an alternate to the joystick (when joystick is the selected controller for that axis) now works properly
        - problems with secondary weapon pickup fixed
        - added 'DROP x' console command ("cheat code")
        - HEADTRACKING console/chat command added to stop automatic tracking of target while in the virtual cockpit (see bottom of document). This setting is saved between game sessions.
        - Stereo mode console/chat commands added:
          - SKYPARALLAX, SHIFTPARALLAX, TERRAINPARALLAX, COCKPITPARALLAX (see bottom of this document) These settings are saved between game sessions.

        - death animation would play twice if leg was blown up. Fixed.
        - were invulnerable in certain locations. fixed.
        - Shields would light up when turret or computer players 'looked' at you.
        - Shiva and Retro are faster and climb hills better
        - secondary weapons converge on center of the reticle (using the nearest bot to the center if there is one)

        - Transport Pod now shows up in intel screen
        - support for more cd drivers added, polling is temporarily disabled on some drives (especially useful for some mitsumi drives)
        - options screen:
          mission voice (On/Off) now affects the briefing speech cockpit voice (On/Off) now affects all voice cues in mission
        - Support for playing world 6 (custom world created with the map editor) via the voting screen (multiplayer and the 'Single Player Game' button). World 6 is for coop and single player, to make your own anarchy missions edit world 4.
        - Added two new cheat codes (one is to get an enemy to become your ally)
        - weapons picked up in mission are not kept unless the mission was completed (ie. it cannot be replayed). This was to prevent abuse.
        - Nuke can be reloaded (previously you lost the Nuke at the end of the mission if it was fired)
        - many fixes related to stereo vision adapters (SimulEyes).
    • On game startup, several informational messages were added - including messages detailing which (command-line parameters/SSTEEL.INI) parameters were in use.
    • Copy protection now works properly with the '-nocd' option
    • CD read errors (for minimum install) under DOS have been repaired
    • you cannot map the enter key to any function. It is reserved for chat mode.
    • the intelligence screen would not show the Spectre, this has been resolved.
    • Weapon packets were redesigned, to lessen the chance of duplicate weapons appearing in anarchy
    • Improved network synchronization
    • Computer-controlled players (added in the voting screen) will now never attack a teammate (this happened in some cases)
    • Joining non-team anarchy game bugs have been fixed

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