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Tomb Raider
3Dfx Patch


    How to use the 3Dfx Patch

    • The zip file contains a file "tomb.exe". This needs to be placed on your hard drive in the directory where you installed the game. By default, this would be c:\tombraid. Don't worry about overwriting the original tomb.exe, you have a copy on your CD.
    • Mip Mapping has been implemented, its purpose is to make distant objects more clear. It can be turned on/off in the game by hitting F4 (in-game) or clicking on the sunglasses icon in the menu rings; by default Mip Mapping is set to ON. If you wish to turn mip Mapping of, use the sunglasses icon. Your selection will be saved as well as applied, ie when you play another game, Mip Mapping will remain OFF.

Tomb Raider
Matrox Mystique Patch


    How to use the Matrox Patch

    • The Matrox Mystique upgrade patch for the retail version of Tomb Raider is now available. It now supports 2MB Mystique cards! It runs in 512x384 resolution on a 2MB Mystique (still runs at 640x480 on a 4MB Mystique).

Tomb Raider
Rendition Beta Patch


    Verite' Patch for Rendition Ready 3D Accelerator cards.

    10 Jan '97
    Version BETA 4

    Changes since beta 3:

    • Problems with EMM386: This led to crashes and blank screens on startup (sometimes with sound still working). This is now fixed.
    • Exiting when running in a DOS box no longer crashes.
    • Joystick support is enabled again. This version of Tomb Raider continuously calibrates the joystick. If you are getting strange movements in the menus or from Lara when you have your joystick plugged in, move the 'stick to all its extents (as if you were calibrating it). The problem should go away. You will only need to do this once, as the settings are saved.
      Also fixed by joystick support is the problem some were having not being able to select anything in the menus.
    • Defining user keys now works properly.
    • Calling up the game controls window from within the game no longer crashes.
    • The screen sizing keys (F2 and F3) now work.

    Please report any remaining problem to with the subject "Rendition Bug". Thank you for playing Tomb Raider for Vérité!

    - Lara Croft

    Version BETA 3

    Changes since BETA 2

    • Faster and Better Mipmaps

    Version BETA2

    Here it is! The second patch for the Rendition chipset. Unzip the files to your game directory (by default its c:\tombraid) and start in the normal manner. Before you begin however, there are some things we need to note:

    Changes since BETA1

    • Shadow is fixed
    • Polygons on the other side of the water surface "warp" (subtle but cool)

    Version BETA1

    • We might create a better (4x4) mipmap filter
    • We'd like to work out better (also faster) mipmap selection
    • Lara's shadow often disappears
    • In Windows 95, the VTOMB DOS box stays open when you exit the game. Just close it like any other window.
    • Mipmapping is off by default (available by typing 'vtomb mipmap')

    Any problems/bugs you find should be emailed to, include Rendition Bug in the subject or it won't get to the right people.

    Lara Croft
    Vice President of Artifact Collection
    EIDOS Interactive

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