CivNET Cheats
    To activate the cheat mode (an "Extras" menu), type:
    [CTRL] A O D B A M F
    in sequence at end turn. The menu contains the following cheats:
      ScaleIt : Increases your production.
      ArmyInfo : See information about the other races.
      MoneyAndPower : self-explanatory.
      AllSeeingEye : Reveal the whole map!
      GetRichQuick : self-explanatory.
      GetSmartQuick : self-explanatory.
      MissileCrisis : Creates the production of nuclear missiles.
      SettlersHo! : Creates settlers.
      Nukestorms : Causes Global Warming.
      Automode : The computer moves for you.
      Armaggedon : Nukes the whole world!
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