Descent II Cheats
    GABBAGABBAHEY - Lose all but 1% of shields and energy
    ZINGERMANS - Invulnerability toggle
    MOTHERLODE - Wowie Zowie Weapons
    ALIFALAFEL - Accessories
    EATANGELOS - Homing Weapons (every weapon will home)
    CURRYGOAT - All Keys
    JOSHUAAKIRA - Full Map
    WHAMMAZOOM - Level Warp
    ERICAANNE - Bouncing Weapons
    BITTERSWEET - Psychedelic walls
    PIGFARMER - Use it once and it displays "Hi John!!!" Now reduce the size of your screen. Use it twice and it displays "Bye John" (?)
    BITTERSWEET - Turns the screen into a warped effect.
    PIGFARMER - When you shrink the window, "John's" head appears.
    ALIFALAFEL - Get all accessories. Headlight, Afterburner, Ammo Rack, and the Energy Shield Converter.
    GABBAGABBAHEY - Lose all but 1% of shields and energy
    Megawowie/Megawowiezowie - Makes some cool effects
    GOWINGNUT - Wingnut goes NUTS! Guibe-bot starts lobbing random missiles.
    GODZILLA - Allows you to easily kill robots by running into them.
      1st use: Kills all robots in the mine.
      2nd use: Kills Boss robot or the guide-bot if there is no Boss.
      3rd use: Kills the Guide-bot.
    FREESPACE - Warp any level (1-24, not to secret levels).
    ALMIGHTY - Invulnerability.
    LPNLIZARD - All weapons get homing ability.
    DELSHIFTB - Destroys reactor, moves ship by exit, toasts all robots, and gives you all items in level!
    DUDDABOO - Bouncing weapons
    FOPKJEWA - Takes you to the exit and blows the mine!
    AHWLMBPF - Takes you to the exit and blows the mine!
    FRAMETIME - Shows frames per second
    HELPVISHNU - Gets you another Guide-Bot. Try it several times!
    HONESTBOB - Demo Weapons
    ORALGROOVE - All keys
    ROCKRGRL - Full Map!
    TYRGZZCP - All keys
    BLUEORB - Shields + 15 (well, just like a Blue Orb, eh ?)
    SILKWING - "Rabid Robots": mechs start destroying each other

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