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Diablo Cheats
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It is recommended that you back-up your files in your Diablo Directory before trying any of this cheats.
v1.03 Allows you alter your stats and see if other players are cheating
The Diablo Font
This program is made for the mult-player game. This will tell you if the opponents are cheating. It gives you the ability to see if the opponents has a collection of ears and other things
A cheat that allows you always to start in dungeons, make it so every swing will hit, the magic spells are manna free, you have the luck that you find all magical items, and that all the shops only sell magic items
A neat little program that allows you switch between different characters in the middle of the game
A program that allows you to change you name
The Diablo Multiplayers First Aid v1.0
Character Merger
Diablo Item Editor
A money cheat for the game
A nice little program that allows you to give yourself a "superweapon", switch between chars. in the game, you can increase your gold, stats, level, spells and experience
v1.03 newest anti-cheater program out there
This program gives you all the spells
This cheat allows you to cast spells in the town. Unzip these two files into your Diablo directory. Connect to the server, then alt-tab to 95. Then run soft-ice. Hit ctrl-D, type in "e 41b665 EB" hit the return key, type "g" then the enter. Alt-tab back to the game. Then the cheat should work!
Townkill v1.02
Diablo trainer. You need to run this once Diablo is running. It will also make all your gold piles that you have equal to 5000. It will also works with your stats trying to max them out
Allows you to change your characrtor, weapons, seed, and spell menus
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