Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition Cheats
    DNGODLY - God mode on
    DNUNGODLY - God mode off
    DNCORNHOLIO - God mode (toggles)
    DNKROZ - God mode (toggles)
    DNWARP - go to another episode and level
    DNSCOTTY - go to other episode and level
    DNAMMO - full ammo
    DNVIEW - "follow" mode.. watch duke from a few feet behind, with the key
    DNWEAPONS - all weapons
    DNUNLOCK - unlocks door
    DNITEMS - keys... items... etc.
    DNSTUFF - keys, weapons, ammo
    DNRATE - shows frame rate (two numbers, top left of screen)
    DNSKILL - Re-start level with skill #
    DNCLIP - walk through walls (can cause PC crashes)
    DNHYPER - steroids
    DNENDING - ends the episode
    DNCASHMAN - Duke throws out some cash w/
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