Doom Cheats (I+II)

    IDDT - First time entered, displays the whole map.
    IDDT - Second time you will see all mosters, objects, and the secret passages.
    IDKFA - Very happy ammo.
    IDFA - Weapons without keys.
    IDPOS - Shows your hexagon position on map.
    IDDQD - "God mode".
    IDCHOPPERS - Chainsaw only.
    IDBEHOLDA - Automap
    IDBEHOLDL - Light Amplification.(last only 2 min)
    IDBEHOLDS - Berserk.
    IDBEHOLDR - Instant radiation suit.
    IDBEHOLDV -Instant invulnerability.(Only one min).
    IDBEHOLDI - Invisibilty.(Only 1 min).
    IDMUS## - Change the music.(Doom II)
    IDCLIP - Walk through the walls.(Doom II)
    IDSPIPOPOD - Walk through the walls.
    IDCLEV x y - Level Warp (where x is mission, y is level).

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