Duke Nukem 3D Cheats
    DNKROZ - Same as Cornholio
    DNCORNHOLIO - God Mode (And Unlimited Jetpack).
    DNKROZ - Same as Cornholio, just quicker to type.
    DNVIEW - Same as the F7 key in the game.
    (Also prints the message "You're too good to be cheating")
    DNHYPER - Puts you in Steroids Mode.
    DNITEMS - Gives all inventory items and keys.
    DNWEAPONS - Gives all weapons and ammo.
    DNKEYS - Gives all the keys.
    DNSTUFF - Gives all weapons, keys, inventory items.
    DNSCOTTYxyz - Level Warp. x is the Episode Number, yz is the level number.
    DNSKILLx - Changes the difficulty mode to x. (x can be 0 to 3)
    DNUNLOCK - Opens all doors and unlocks all locked doors.
    DNMONSTERS - Turns off (or on) the monsters in the game.
    DNCLIP - Walk Through Walls
    DNSHOWMAP - Shows the entire map.
    DNCASHMAN - Spews money everywhere when you press space.
    DNCOORDS - Shows extremely detailed map coordinate/level information.
    DNDEBUG - Shows some debug information.
    DNRATE - Shows your frame rate onscreen. You must be in full screen mode for this to be anywhere near accurate.
    DNCOSMO - says "Register Cosmo Today"
    DNBETA - Prints the message "Pirates Suck!"
    DNALLEN - Prints the message "Buy Major Stryker"
    DNTODD - Prints the message "Register Cosmo Today!"
    DNSKILL# - change skill level#

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