Earthworm Jim Cheats

    ITSAWONDERFUL - Extra life.
    ONANDONANDON - Unlimited continues.
    SLAUGHTERHOUSE - Choice of the first 5 levels.
    THREEMILEISLAND - Full energy.
    POPQUIZHOTSHOT - 1000 rounds.
    BLOATED - Jim gets an afro.
    FESTERING - Jim gets a red afro.
    HATMAN - Jim becomes a stick figure.
    MALFORMED - Jim gets glasses.
    SWEATY - Jim gets huge lips.
    SLUGFORABUTT - Jim gets an arrow though his head.
    PULSATING- Jim gets like Groucho.
    PUSFILLED - Jim gets a antennaes.
    IDDQD - Shows different credits.
    IDKFA - Shows different credits.

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