All-Star Baseball '99 Cheats

At the Cheat menu enter the code.

PRPPAPLYR - Thin players.
GOTHELIUM - Big heads, bats, and feet.
BIGHELIUM - Big heads and feet.
ABBTNCSTLO - Fat and thin players.
GRTBLSFDST - Baseball trails.
BBNSTRDS - Giant basball.
BRKBATS - Broken bats.
ATEMYBUIK - Play in the Alien Stadium with an Alien Team.

Home Run Derby Camera Control - Begin a normal game and enable the manual camera view option. Quit that game, then bagin Home Run Derby mode. use another controller to control the view. Press Left to pause the view and Right for slow motion.

Extra Pitches - Hold Z or L to get more pitches. This includes the "spit-ball" and "screwball".

fast Base Running - Tap Z quickly to run to the next base, and tap R to return to base you wre on.

Make Players Dance - When other team scores, walk players to home plate. The team that scored will begin dancing.

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