Banjo Kazooie Cheats


Pound in the following cheats in the Sandcastle floor.
NOWYOUCANFLYHIGHINTHESKY - Unlimited red feathers.
AGOLDENGLOWTOPROTCTBANJO - Unlimited gold feathers.

200 Eggs - Near the Freezezy Peak puzzle, get the Spell Book. Do this by breaking the rock on the path to the left of the puzzle, then come back as an alligator and go through the hole. After that, go to the Banjokazooie Puzzle room in Treasure Trove Cove and enter "BLUEEGGS". This will give you 200 eggs and a 200 egg limit.

First beat Treasure Trove Cove. Then, go to Banjo's house outside fo Gruntilda's Lair. Look at the Bottles in the mole picture to discover a hidden game. Put the puzzle pieces together to access the the first part of the code.
Now, go to Treasure trove Cove, drain the water around the castle, and enter. When you complete one of the puzzles you will get a new code. These are the Codes:

BOTTLESBONUSONE - Gives Banjo a big head.
BOTTLESBONUSTWO - Gives Banjo big feet and hands.
BOTTLESBONUSTHREE - Gives Kazooie a big head.
BOTTLESBONUSFOUR - Gives Banjo and tall, skinny body and small head.
BOTTLESBONUSFIVE - Give Banjo a tall, skinny body and little head with big feet and hands.
BIGBOTTLESBONUS - Gives Banjo a tall, skinny body, with big hands and feet.
WISHYWASHYBANJO - Turns Banjo into a washing machine.
NOBONUS - cancels any of the codes already entered.

Cheato's First Lair - Go into Bubble Gloop Swanp and find Mumbo's Hut above the alligator's head in the maze. After he turns you into an alligator, exit Bubble Gloop Swamp and go to Gruntilda's Lair. Go behind the entrance to Bubble Gloop Swanp. Then, you'll find Cheato's Speell Book.

Extra Life - On top of Banjo's house, do a somersault into his chimney. Jump high and touch the Golden Statue of Banjo to get an extra life.

100 Feathers - Go to Mad Monster Mansion and change to the pumpkin. Go to the platform that Brentilda is on. To through the hole and get the red spell book. next, go to the Banjokazooie puzzle in Treasure Trove Cove and enter "REDFEATHERS". you will get 100 feathers and a maximun of 100 feathers.


War Cauldrons transport Banjo to locations in Gruntilda's Lair. There are three sets of cauldrons in the game:

1) Found through a passageway in the area where the Treasure Trove Cove Puzzle is located.
2) Found in the area before Freezezy Peak, where the large witch's head is located. It is in a cave hidden behind a spiderweb. Use eggs to get past the web.
1) Right near where the first purple cauldron. At the top of the spiral walkway, behind the spiderweb on the ground. 2) At the entrence to Rusty Bucket Bay. It is at the top of the bunch of stacked boxes.
1) Insid ethe pipe below the passageway to Clanke's Cavern.
2) In a passage at the bottom of the hill before Click Clock Wood. There are two entrences just visible above the grass.

White Spell Book - Behind the entrence to Bubble Gloop Swamp where the jigsaw puzzle for Freezezy Peak is located. First have Mumbo Jumbo turn you into an alligator in Bubble Gloop Swanp. Then leave the level and go through the wooden pipe, up the hill, and into the next woden pipe.

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