Castlevania 64 Cheats

Expert Mode - Complete the game and wait for the credits to end. Then, save your game, fully restart, and you can then play the Hard Difficulty Level.

New Attire - Finish the game with any character getting two special crystals in the Execution Tower on Hard Difficulty. Then, Save the dame and select the character you finished the game with. last, hold the analog-stick Up and choose the character.

Renon Ending Sequence - Buy more than $30,000 i nitems from Renon during the game. At the end of the game you will battle with Renon.

Charlie Vincent Ending - Use more than four cards during the game -or- take an excessive amount of time to finish the game. At the end you will battle Charlie Vincent.

Infinate Money - Beat the Bull in the Castle Center, and return to the white crystal save point. Open the large crate to collect $2,000. Then, save. Load the game again and open the crate again. Reapeat as many times as desired.

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