Diddy Kong Racing Cheats

Enter the following through the "Magic Codes" section on the option screen:

OPPOSITESATTRACT - Rainbow ballons.
TOXICOFFENDER - Green balloons.
BODYARMOR - Yellow balloons.
BOMBSAWAY - Red balloons.
ROCKETFUEL - Blue balloons.
BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas slow race.
VITAMINE - Unlimited bananas.
NOYELLOWSTUFF - No bananas in multiplayer mode.
BYEBYEBALLOONS - No computer player weapons.
JOINTVENTURE - Two-player adventure mode.
BLABBERMOUTH - Different horn.
TIMETOLOSE - Computer set on "Expert".
FREEFORALL - Level three items.
FREEFRUIT - Start race with ten bananas.
JUKEBOX - Music test option in the "Audio Options" menu.
ARNOLD - Large racers.
TEENYWEENIES - Small racers.
DOUBLEVISION - Race against same character.
WHODIDTHIS - View credits.
OFFROAD - drive full-speed even off track.

Play As Drumstick - Collect all trophies and amulets then move to the central area with the red spot that leads to the other zones. Run over the frogs near the water edge. Touch the frog with the feathers to access drumstick.

Play As T.T. - Beat his course times on each race in Time Trials. Then reset the game and T.T. can be selected as a racer.

Space World - Collect all the trophies and amulets, then go the sign by the lighthouse. Approacht the sign and honk horn, the lighthouse turns into a rocket and lauches into space. Now, you can access the space world.

Second Adventure - Do the "Space World" code and beat Wizpig on that world. "Adventure 2" will become available in the options menu. In this adventure you collect platinum balloons and race on revers tracks.

Quick Start - Press A just when the race announcer says, "Get Ready".

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