Mario Cart Cheats

    Bannana Power:
    When you hit a bannana peel hit your brakes immediately, this prevents you from
    spinning out. Then after one second of being on the break, hit the gas. This
    prevents you from losing a baloon.

    Getting back into the race fast:
    When the little guy picks you up from falling off a cliff, once the screen goes black
    count for 3 seconds now pull the trigger and you should keep most of our speed.

    Speed Boast:
    As soon as the light turns blue hit and hold the gas. This will give you a turbo boast.
    Don't hold the buttons too soon. You will spin out instead.

    The Ghost rider:
    If you beat any of these tracks under the given time. The you will be racing a ghost.
    Luigi Circuit - Under 1:51.
    Mario raceway - Under 1:30.
    Royal Raceway - Under 2:40

    Power Slide:
    The color of your smoke. When the smoke color is orange let go of the button for a
    speed burst

    On the rainbow road before the huge downward drop right when you start, veer
    to your left and land on the new platform. This helps you eliminate the enemy.

    Huge Short Cut on Rainbow Road:
    When the race starts get the speed burst right before you reach the huge slope turn
    left and try to jump off the road and try to land on the other side.

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