MK3 Cheats

    Secret Characters:

    Pick Smoke and before the battle hold Back, HP, HK, block and run. - HUMAN SMOKE will appear.
    Pick an character on Wasteland, Jade's desert, Kahn's tower. Then before the battle, hold Left, HK, + LK. - MOTARO will appear.
    Pick any character in the Rooftop or Pit3 and before the battle hold Down, HP + LP. - SHAO KAHN will appear

    When you see the story press, right-C, Upper-C, A, B, Lower-C, Lower-C, Upper-C, Right-C. TRIBURN

    Unlimited Credits:
    Press Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left,

    Level Select:
    Pick Monaro or Shao Kahn and then move the cursor on Sonya Blade hold up + start. Then pick your chatacter and stage.

    Random Character Select:
    Joystick 1 Move the cursor to Noob Saibot, hold up and press start.
    Joystick 2 Move the cursor to Rain, hold up and press start.

    Instant Ending Credits:
    Rotate the joystick clockwise a few times at the title screen.

    Options Menu:
    During the story press HK, LK, RN, LP, HP, HP, HP, LP, LP. If entered correctly you will hear "OH-MAW. - Full Weapons

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