Pilotwings Cheats

    Refueling Mid-Air:
    Method 1
    This will allow flying around the Little States w/o landing. What you need
    to do is fly low above the northeast highway leaving Cape Canaveral. On
    your left you should see what looks like a gas station. You will need to
    fly around it slowly until you hear some like like a docking sound.
    Method 2
    What you need to do is fly under a roof of the gas station in the town
    around the nuclear power plant.

    Night Flying:
    The first Rocket Belt stage, follow the waterfalls from the pond near the beginning.
    After some time you will come across a cave, fly into the opening. What you are
    looking for is a metal grating. Land before you hit the object. This will warp you
    to the same level and mission but now at night.

    Faces Changes in Mount Rushmore: In the Little States at the Cannonball stage, shoot a shot at Mario's head at Mount Rushmore.
    When hit the face should change to Wario.

    Hanger Warp:
    At the Little States stage get the rocket pack and fly to Seattle or Miami. Once
    there fly into a while hanger which is slightly ajar. This will warp to the opposite.

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