Star Fox 64 Cheats

    Warp to sector Z:
    I sector X keep left. There is a part where will be prompted to destroy the white
    gates to pass through them. Destroy it and pass into the warp.

    Instant to Katina:
    At the end of sector X, shoot the head off the boss with the large hands. When his
    head grow back and let Slippy in. Slippy will get shot and fly to Katina. Distroy
    that boss and then on the next stage you will have Slippy back.

    Medel of Honor:
    In the arena stage with the Star Wolf Team and if you kill all of them you will get
    a medal for the act and you will get a tour around the yellow planet.

    Killing the Star Wolf team easly:
    Let one of the Star Wolf team members chase you and return the fire. Quickly do a
    forward barrel roll. When the camera zooms out, the enemy ship will fly past you
    and head left or right. Remember the direction that the ship heads while charging
    your weapon. Turn towards the direction that he is hearding, and lock onto him and
    fire. If you have a blue lazer, he should be dead in one shot. With the single
    lazer you will need to do it twice.

    Warp to the Titania:
    Close to the ending of the Meteor field you will see the rings with sharp traingles
    heading inword. Go through all of them with a barrel roll and you will be able to warp.

    Corneria to the Sector Y:
    When meeting Falco in Corneria at the part where they aere being attacked by three
    ships. Give and hand and help him destory the ships. Then when you head to the
    water part go under ever arch and head into the waterfall. Falco will direct you
    to the "other" boss which will take you Sector Y.

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