Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Cheats

    Viewing the Credits:
    You will need to enter you name as "_Credits".

    Zombie Dash:
    After beating the game on hard, you have the opition to start the game with all the weapons and invincibility(a short time). Then go the the Echo BAse and reach the ship before you lose these powers. You will need to eliminate all the enemies with the disruptor blast. You will die but you will get back up with 0 health.

    Challenge Points:
    Collect the challenge points on the different difficulty levels, hold the camera button for 5 sec. for these extra effects.
    EASY - Instant Leebo Scanner.
    MEDIUMS - Fly the x-wing in the Shyhook fight.
    HARD - Full weapons and 30 secs. of invincibility
    JEDI - Wampas from the Echo Base helps you.

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