Waverace 64 Cheats

    Huge Scores for the Simplest Tricks: Do get these points go off a ramp as normal but right as you hit the water press Start to pause
    the game. If you hear something during the paused game then it's done right. Then do
    the simple tricks, you will be rewarded once you cross the finishing line.

    Ride the dolphin: One of hardest but coolest tricks. This code will allow to ride a
    dolphin!!What you need to is go into dolphin park in stunt mode then do
    these in order:

    Handstand (release throttle - press down and up)
    Ride on Handlebars (release throttle - move joystick clockwise)
    Stand & Somersault (release throttle - move joystick counterclockwise
    & hold down)

    Barrel Roll Left (jump ramp - tap right hold left)
    Barrel Roll Right (jump ramp - tap left hold right)
    Flip (jump ramp - tap up hold down)
    Dive (jump ramp - tap down hold up)

    If done correctly when you finish the race, then you should hear squeaking.
    Now you need to exit and go into the championshion mode and choose warm-up.
    When you go to pick your racer hold down the dolphin. This dolphin mode will be
    saved for the future.

    Hold down gas button before you hear "Go!" - Speed Boost.

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