Dungeon Keeper 2 Cheats

During gameplay press "CTRL+ALT+C" then enter these cheat codes: (When CTRL+ALT+C is entered all you will hear is a sound, no text box will appear)

this is my church - Full rooms.
feel the power - Upgrade monster skills to 10.
show me the money - Instant money.
do not fear the reaper - Level skip.
now the rain has gone - Shows map.
i believe its magic - Full magic.
ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway - +100,000 mana (requires patch v1.51)
fit the best - All rooms + traps.

Level Select:
Start the game "dk2.exe -level levelname"
IE: "dk2.exe -level level5"
NOTE: This works for levels 1-20, but not levels
6 enter "level6a" or "level6b"
11 enter "level11a", "level11b", "level11c"
15 enter "level15a" or "level15b"
Secret levels are "secret1 - secret5"

Bonus Stage (Easyest to access):
- Set your computer's date to a date that has a full moon.

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