Sim Copter Cheats

These cheats were submitted by Brandon Rhue.. Please go check out his site!
Press Ctrl+Alt-X and then type these codes:

Warp me to career: xx - (xx=city number 1-30) lets you warp to any career city during career game only.
Gas does grow on trees - Gives copter full tank of gas.
Shields up - Prevents your helicopter from taking damage.
superpowermultiply - Changes your person into a dog and allows you to move very fast and over anything while holding the shift key.
Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx - (where xxxxx is replace with an amout of money. Between 0 and 50000. Gives you the amount or kills you and shuts down the game.
I love my helicopter - takes you to your helicopter no matter where you are.
Been there, done that - Fills up your points gauge all the way, finishing the level for you.
The map, please - Gives you a map in walk mode.
Lights, Camera, Action! - Plays a movie on all the drive in movie screens in you city.
I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas - Let's you type '1' through ' 9' in the copter cataloge to get any copter.
1 - Bell Jetranger.
2 - The MD 500.
3 - Apache 122.
4 - The Bell 212.
5 - Schweizer 300.
6 - Agusta 109A.
7 - Dauphin 2A.
8 - MD Explorer.
9 - MD 520N.

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