Prince of Persia 2 Cheats

To start game in cheat mode, type "prince YIPPEEYAHOO".
Cheat codes follow:
    [+] - Add time
    [-] - Subtract time
    [K] - Kills all enemies on screen
    [R] - Return from dead
    [F1] - Show position
    [F3] - Player toggle
    [F6] - Ruler
    [Shift][T] - Add energy
    [Shift][K] - Subtract energy
    [Shift][R] - Show room number and jump right
    [Shift][W] - Show room number and jump left
    [Shift][I] - Turn screen upside down, press again to restore
    [Shift][B] - Show prince only, press again to restore
    [Alt][N] - Skip to next level

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