ESPN Extreme Games Cheats

    Hidden Crypt:

    On the Italian level as you get half way around the track you start desending down
    a hill. You will pass some columns and see a crypt. Stear in the direction of the
    street to enter.

    The Secret Gate:
    At the South American Track near the end of the track you see a purple gate way off
    to the left, which is hidden in cave. Flying Horse
    Hold down the CROSS for around 10 seconds after finishing a race.

    Cash Course
    You will need to collect all the gates on the track and a video will show you how.

    Bonus Money
    If you go pass through all the gates at a course, then you will be taken to a Bonus
    level with $5 and $10 gates.

    TRINEXT - Up a level.
    TRIHOVR- Hovering
    TRISHLD - Shields.
    3DREALM - Full Weapons
    TRISCOPE - Osciloscope.
    TRIWARP# - Warps to any level (# type in level number)

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