Need for Speed Cheats

To enable these cheats type in TSYBNS and choose tournament mode:

Machine gun:
Choose head to head(might work in other modes.) When you choose your opponents car quickly hold L1, Square, Circle and Up and Left. Hold until it's finished loading. To use this gun press the horn.

No Mercy Mode(No cops, opponents, or traffic):
At the race selection screen press L1 and R1 together, it should change the head to head to no mercey.

Rally mode(Track covered with dirt):
Select a track and hold L1 and R2

Hidden Car:
When at the car selection screen hold L1 and R1

Level Codes
Track 1 WRDRTY
Track 2 ZDPBWN
Track 3 MTQRZP
Track 4 JVPZLL
Track 5 ZYMNLH
Track 6 WMRPGZ
Track 7 YXGSJJ
Track 8 KJPQND
Track 9 SDQWCG
Track 10 SLZXDH
Track 11 SPZDFX
Track 12 ZVGRGX
Track 13 XJHVCK

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