Resident Evil 2 Cheats

Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough
This is for the Leon character
1.Click on start 2X's to escape storeyline.
2.Get 2 boxes of ammo at Gun store. Go behind right counter first. Ammo behind left counter triggers zombies.
3.Ammo in back of van down alley before you go in playground.
4.Use computer to unlock hall doors in Police Station. Explore West side first.
5.Ammo from guy whose head was twisted off.
6.Get red gem from painting "Nude Hanging" over fireplace (light fire) in room behaind the room with all the chairs.
7.Push statues over spots on floor so they face the statue with the red gem. Take gem.
8.Get shotgun,Chris's diary,bullets, and Unicorn emblem from STARS room.
9.To get Spade key, put Unicorn emblem in statue in lobby. 10.Use Spade key to open file room (1st room coming West out of Lobby that you haven't been able to enter). Push stairs to end to get crank.
11.Use Spade key on door upstairs.
12.Go into Library. Go upstairs & follow around until you fall in. Read plaque. Push switch on wall to escape. Position shelves according to plaque. Get Bishop Plug from plaque.
13.Go out double doors onto Atrium & let down Emergency ladder.
14.Go across Atrium to East side & get small key in Waiting room.
15.Go back to room before Library. Open table w/ vase on it w/ small key. Combine parts w/ pistol. You now have 3 round burst capability.
16.Go back through 2nd floor Waiting room & kill zombies & ravens. Get ammo from guy who was pecked to death.
17.Go outside by burnig Helo & downstairs to Cabin. Get Ink Ribbon,Ammo, and Valve Handle.
18.Use Valve Handle to put out fire. Helo has some ammo.
19.Go back inside to Waiting Room. Get gems & return to room you couldn't enter because of fire. Get shells, Diamond key, Ink Ribbon, and King Plug.
20.Go outside through room you haven't been in yet. Get herbs & go into Squad Room. Open safe & get shells & map.
21.Go back to West side and enter Locker Room. Get film.
22.Go into next room & get Heart key,ammo, & herb.
23.Develop film in Darkroom. Dump off everything except weapons & keys and save game.
24.Go to East side and into Interrogation Room. Get Cord and Rook Plug. Kill Licker that busts window into room.
25.Go next door & get small key. Pick up herbs you've missed and dump them off.
26.Enter Heart key door East of Squad Room. Use Cord to shut the shutters. Go downstairs and kill the dogs.
27.Get B1 map from Power Room. Leave switches alone for now.
28.Go into Motorpool. Help Ada push truck. Go into cell area & talk to reporter. Get Manhole Opener and herbs.
29.Go back East through Motorpool. Go outside & kill dogs. Go down open manhole and save game.
30.Go back to Kennel & kill dogs. Use Manhole Opener. Go down & kill spiders. Follow through & save game in Storeroom. You will run into Ada.
31.As Ada, kill dogs & get shells (down elevator). Go into Pool room & line up boxes. Throw switch & go across to get Club Key. Return to Leon. As Leon, go back to Police Station. Use Club Key to go into Watchman's room & get diary & Magnum. Go to other Club Key door & read painting. 11= jack 12= queen 13= king Light gas furnance & then lights in the painting's order. Get Film & Clock Cogwheel.
32.Using Crank & Cog, get Rook Plug from Clock Tower(3rd fllor). Slide down chute.
33.Use Club Key to get in Autopsy Room. Get Red Card.
34.Go back to Power Supply Room. Set switches so EXACTLY 80% is used. This will activate the Card Reader for the Weapons Storage. Go into Weapons Room & load up. Don't forget the Machine gun. Go back through Kennel & down. Save game.
35.Go into Septic Room. Kill the monster & its spawn. Use Plugs to open lock. King,Rook,Bishop,Knight
36.Go through lock into Sewers.
I found the rest of the game to be very straight forward. You will need the Valve Handle in several places. Remember to reset the bridge back to its original position..
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