Tekken2 Cheats

    Sky Punch:
    Hold Up and Select when choosing the charactor

    Charactors Think:
    Select it to Practice and let it sit for a while.

    Play as a Boss:
    Beat the game and you have this opiton

    Shrunken Fighters:
    Hold Select while picking character and hold unill the game starts

    Change Clothing Color:
    Rapidly press kick or punch while picking a character

    Play Rogar or Alex:
    Pick any character in Archade mode, beat the first 2 players, then in the final round on the third fight, wait untill have almost no energy left before winning that battle. Then you can choise from them

    Wire Frames of the Players:
    Depress L1 + L2 when selecting your charactor(only works in 1 player survival)

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