Railroad Tycoon Cheats

    Instant $30,000:
    Pause the game and build -$30,000 worth of powerplants. As you get near that
    number your red numbers should turn black.

    Instant $500,000:
    Press F1 and go to the regional map. Then press Shift + 4

    To use these cheats for Win95, Click on start, then go to the run opition.
    Type these in at the command prompt. If installed in anouther directory
    then type in the other directories name:

    c:\i-magic\fallen\exe\fallen.exe -MQCASH - Allows you to increase/decrease your
    credits by Ctrl + or Ctrl -.

    c:\i-magic\fallen\exe\fallen.exe -MQWIERDSTUFF - Allows the contruction of
    two secret units.

    [F1] then [$] - Extra money(can be done over and over).

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