Theme Hospital Cheats

    NOTE: Before using any editors/trainers please back up your files first! Fax Machine Cheats - Type these at the fax window, and then press send.

    7287 - Go the rat shoot level after beating the level.
    24328 - Enable the cheat mode.
    Shift C - $10,000.
    CTRL C - Research completed.
    CTRL Shift - Gives you everything.

    Might not work in all versions:
    F11 - Lose game.
    F12 - Beat level.

    HOSPITAL -Lx (where x is level) will allow you to skip level #. Use the run
    command under start-up.
    A game trainer.
    Allows you to alter your saved games.

    To Get Extra Money Use an hex editor to open your Theme Hospital saved Game.
    Go to offset 61A95 and put in 6 "F"'s.

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