Wages of War Cheats

    BLOOD MONEY - Cheat codes activated.
    BILL - Max out the current Mercs.
    ADJECTIVES - Max out all Mercs
    NOUN - Max Health.
    STATS - Max stats.
    VERB- Extra ammo.
    LIBERTY- All weapons and max stats.
    DEADMAN - Kills the enemies.
    MORTAL - Normal Stats
    SET MINE - Mines the current Merc.
    911 - Ten First-aid packs.
    OH DARN - 100 rounds of mortan rounds launched.
    TIMERS - 10 timers and 10 satchel charges.
    SEND IN THE CLOWNS - Sends in the clowns.
    OH BOYS - Removes the clowns.
    MMIN - +5 mins to the mission time.
    HOUR - +1 hour to the mission time.
    FILL MAGAZINE - Two of everything.
    BANG - Enamble all damage links.
    EXPLODE - Enamble all destroy links.
    ELBOW ROOM - 999 action points.

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