Warcraft 2 Cheats

These cheats work for the warcraft 2 and the Expansion packages
    Deck me out - Instant upgrades
    Disco -This will play the hiddle track on the disk. You need the expansion CD in the drive
    Every little thing she does - all spells
    Fastdemo - demo starts faster
    Glittering prizes - 10,000 gold, 5, lumber and 5000 oit
    Hatchet - 2 chops for the tree
    It is a good day to die - Invincibility
    Make it so - Speeds up production.
    Netprof - Displays lasers
    Never a winner - remove last battle
    Noglues - Disables the majc traps
    Onscreen - Shows whole map
    Showpath - Shows whole map
    Spycob - 5000 oil units.
    There can be only one - Last level
    Tigerlily - allows orcX and humanX cheats
    1. OrcX - The level that you start on orc
    2. HumanX -The level that you start on as Human
    Title - Increases speed of the units.
    Ucla - go Bruins!!!
    Unite the clans - Instant win
    Valdez - 5000 oil units
    You pitiful worm - Instant loss

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