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Want to get the most out of the GameWeb search engine? Well, here it is.. All the ugly details for using the search engine the way you want to.
    Do not use quotes! This will most likely give you no results from your search. Quotes are meaningless to the GW search engine, so don't use them! All search functions are NOT case sensitive. (ex: "red alert" = "ReD ALeRt")

    Looking for a specific URL, or even a URL that contains something? Use the following syntax: There may not be a space anywhere in the above, and replace searchterm with whatever you want to be in the URL. You can also obviously use this to see if your site is currently listed by entering your URL or a part of your URL after "url:".

    You can force the keywords to be in the site title. This can be used to lower the non-related sites greatly. This is because most people put the name of every game they know in the keywords so that their site will come up..
      example: title:links title:ls
      (all sites with "links" and "ls" in the title.. try doing a regular search for "links ls"! You'll get most of the actual Links LS sites at the top, but you'll get another 100+ sites with them!)

    Want search results to NOT contain a certain keyword? Use a "-" right before the term. Again, do not use spaces. This will return any sites that match your other keywords, but do not contain searchterm. You MUST use this in combination with 1 or more other keywords, or you will not get any results.

    If ALL results should contain the keyword you're searching for, use a "+" right before the term. If you're only using one keyword, this won't make a difference, but if you have more than one keyword, it tells GW that that keyword MUST be matched.
      example: diablo +cheats
      (Diablo sites WITH cheats.. probably better results than just using "diablo cheats", "+diablo +cheats" would be even better)

    For a regular "fuzzy AND" search, just enter the keywords separated by spaces. "Fuzzy and" basically searches for ANY of the terms you have entered, but gives higher scores to the sites that have more of your terms.

    You can create combinations of any of the above options.
If you have any additional questions or suggestions on our search engine, please let us know!!
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